Rehab Technical Works L.L.C  UAE


Excavation, Transportation, Development, Construction, Fencing

With the phenomenal growth of Dubai’s Real estate market over the years and specially with the recent advent of it earning the Expo 2020 bid, the always been need for an organized and professional companies in the field of Land development and earth works has grown tenfold.

Previously market has relied on transporters for these services which often resulted in chaos on construction sites due to non-professionalism and lack of understanding of the particular job from the operators of various transportation companies. We at Rehab Technical Works L.L.C acquired the opportunity and developed our own team of expert civil engineers and supervisors to work in coordination with the main contractor/ developers on site to carry out the required jobs (Excavation, backfilling, cart away, road base preparation etc.) on time and in accordance with consultant’s drawings.

Coupling with the expertise and the dedicated manpower to undergo providing prepared land and base for structure of any like, we have a proven track record for delivering large size earth works projects at time. We offer our services as a standalone service or as part of our integrated project solutions

Areas of Expertise

The expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Excavation
  • Transportation of construction Material
  • Pre-piling
  • Parking Lot development
  • Bund-wall construction
  • Perimeter Fencing for Yards

Some of our earthwork related projects are shown here under: