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Interior Services

Fit Outs, Refurbishment, Small Works, Turnkey Solutions, Ceiling Work

Making Client's required aesthetics happen by undergoing complex engineering methods is what we call the Interiors at Rehab Technical Works. Our every other project, its application and the finished design, is as different and versatile as much as there are customers we have served till date. The Turnkey solutions range from the conception of design and the blue print, acquisition of pre-approvals from the operating departments, recommendation of elegant scheme that best compliments the overall feel, the procurement of selected fixture and furniture, complete provision of IT and other telecommunication network required for smooth business operations.

Since Interior Designing/Decoration requires a constant diligence from the Client's side, we keep our line of action in such a way that each level and phase's execution is per the Client's requirement and taste.

Our Interior Services include the following.

Fit outs

For many companies, juggling existing offices is not an option, and the Rehab Technical Works LLC relocation fit-out teams provide a closed loop solution which begins with an analysis of the target property and detailed audit of your workforce and their requirements. This includes the entire on and off-site endeavor needed to take a project to completion.


For many Rehab Technical Works LLC clients, better use of existing office space is a more viable solution than relocation; our dedicated refurbishment specialists devise and deliver solutions for companies in UAE and the surrounding regions.

The key lies in the design and space planning. The teams are experienced in the strategy required to reorganize people, walls, facilities and equipment to create much more effective working environments from both existing and unused floor space, and often phasing their project into a building while the Client carries on with its day-to-day business.

Small Work

Traditionally, when a company has required work on smaller or lower value projects, the most economical route available to them was to bring in small firms of contractors or handymen. But just because you are carrying out a lower value project, doesn’t mean you should have to tolerate lower quality results. That is why at REHAB TECHNICAL WORKS LLC , we have a specialist Small Works division.

With simple contracts, fast turnaround and less fuss, Small Works is geared specifically to handle projects that are smaller in size and knows exactly how to make the most of the space and budget you have available to you.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Interior Designing
  • Project Consultancy.
  • Furnishing, all types of wooden work.
  • Coloring/ Paint work.
  • Masonry work including Tiles Laying.
  • Light Civil Work.
  • Electrical work.
  • Plumbing work.
  • False ceiling work.
  • Central Air-conditioning Planning work with complete detailed diagrams.
  • Central Air-conditioning with central ducts, diffusers, Chillers etc.
  • Telephone/ PABX system works.
  • IT/ Networking work.
  • Lighting works.
  • CCTV works.
  • Security Systems.

Here are some of the recent interiors we have accomplished:

Gypsum Partitions and Ceiling Works

We at Rehab Technical Works, offer a wealth of knowledge in technically innovated Stretch Ceiling System which comes with design assistance, fabrication, installation and after-sales care. Our most notable feature is a unique ability to create almost any ceiling shapes at the price that no one can beat! We offer an alternative for your ceilings, something better then gypsum board. Stretch ceilings will never crack, chip, never have to be painted, its waterproof, has antifungal and antibacterial properties. We offer extensive range of colors (more than 200) and different textures (matt, satin, lacquer etc.). Furthermore, any image can be printed on the ceiling. We have vastly experienced installers that can fix any lighting system and provide after sale care. Our false ceilings are light in weight, moisture resistant and reduces condensation and subsequent dripping from ceiling onto work surfaces

Here are some of the recent False Ceiling and Gypsum Partitions we accomplished: